Ayushman Bharat Yojana Registration 2022 (Rs 5 Lakh Free Health Insurance Scheme)

Ayushman Bharat Yojana Registration 2022 (Rs 5 Lakh Free Health Insurance Scheme)

The central government, under the leadership of Narendra Modi implemented a new scheme that will revamp the medical sector significantly. The name of this scheme is Ayushman Bharat Yojana. Candidates can get the free of cost medical assistance in both state-run as well as private hospitals. It is one of the biggest schemes ever to be implemented by the central government. The National Health System will make sure that all guidelines are being properly followed.


Name of the scheme Ayushman Bharat Yojana
Launched in India
Launched by Narendra Modi
Implemented and supervised by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Date of announcement February 2018
Date of launch September 2018
Target beneficiaries Poor people of the country
Total number of beneficiary families 10 crore households
Total health coverage amount Rs. 5 lakhs
Official website www.pmjay.gov.in
Toll free helpline number 14555

Key features of the scheme

  1. Easy availability of healthcare resources – Lack of treatment facilities paves the path for thousands of fatalities in India each year. With this scheme in place, people will be able to take care of their medical treatment-related requirements without worrying about payments.
  2. Total health coverage – Each registered beneficiary family will attain cashless treatment facility equal to Rs. 5 lakhs. This amount will be allocated for each financial year.
  3. Renewal of the insurance – Though the scheme will be implemented on a yearly basis, applicants will not have to worry about taking any action for renewal for the next year. Applications will be automatically renewed by the authority.
  4. Appointment of Ayushman Mitra – The main task of the Ayushman Mitra is to help beneficiaries get information about the scheme. The individual will also assist the beneficiaries in attaining proper treatment. Preference will go to those candidates who are already working with the hospital or nursing home. These individuals will attain Ayushman Mitra training. In case you desire in-depth information about this project, then get in touch with these Arogya Mitras.
  5. Empanelled treatment centers only – All government hospitals and selected private hospitals will offer the benefits of this cashless treatment insurance.
  6. Toll free number – The central government launched a separate toll free helpline number for the scheme. One can dial 14555 and attain any details about the treatment scheme. Apart from this, information will be offered from the CSC centers. In case you don’t have access to these modes, getting in touch with ASHA or Anganwadi workers will serve the same purpose.

Ayushman Bharat Yojana Registration 2022 (Rs 5 Lakh Free Health Insurance Scheme)

Eligibility criteria for the scheme

  1. Name in SECC 2011 list – The only criterion that applicants must fulfill is having a registration under the SECC 2011 list. If the name of the person does not appear under this list, then he/she will not attain cashless benefits. If the name exists under this list, then applicants will automatically become a part of this project.
  2. Age criteria – No age specification has been highlighted in the scheme draft. People falling in young as well as senior age brackets will be able to attain the perks, if they fulfill other criteria.
  3. Number of family members – It has not placed any limitation on the maximum number of family members. Both small as well as large families will attain the benefits equally.

How to get application form and register for the scheme?

  1. The scheme does not involve any application process. In fact, the authority will select the beneficiaries, based on the information they get from the SECC 2011 data list.
  2. This scheme card will be directly sent to the home of the SECC -2011 registered beneficiaries.
  3. The central government has still not sure in on the modes of sending the card to the beneficiaries.

How to search the beneficiary’s name in the scheme list?

  1. The central government has announced that only people from poor financial backgrounds will attain the perks of this scheme. Thus, applicants, enlisted in the SECC 2011 Data list will attain the preference for registration. Without this, they will not be allowed to become a part of this innovative project.
  2. It is possible for a layman to search whether his/her name is present under the SECC 2011 data list. For this, one must click on the link https://mera.pmjay.gov.in/search/login and log in on the authorized website.
  3. Then the applicants must register with their active mobile numbers.
  4. Then he/she must type in the capchat code, and click on the button that indicates “Generate OTP.”
  5. This will trigger the site to generate an OTP. This code will be sent to the registered mobile number.
  6. There is a specific field for typing in the OTP. After feeding the code in that area, applicants need to click on the “Submit” button.
  7. This will take the candidate to another page. This is the page that contains the information of candidates who will attain the benefits. From here, candidates will be able to search for their details.

Specific modes to search the beneficiary list

  1. Search by name
  2. After generating the search page, applicants will have to click on the drop down arrow and pick their respective state.
  3. The following option allows the applicant to pick the procedure of searching the details. A single click on the downward arrow will highlight the “Search by Name” mode.
  4. Applicants must feed in their names, parents’ names, age, district name, zip code etc.
  5. Once all these details have been typed in the respective fields, the applicants can generate the final search by clicking on the “Search” button.
  1. Search by mobile or ration card number
  2. For searching the details via this mode, applicants will have to generate primary search page.
  3. In the second step, they must pick the name of the state where they live.
  4. The third step includes the selection of the search mode. Here, applicants will have to confirm between “Search By Mobile Number” or “Search By Ration Card” options.
  5. The site will generate verification. Once this is complete, applicants will be able to attain their details.
  1. Search by RSBY code
  2. The central government highlighted that people, who are already getting benefits under the Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana or RSBY, will automatically be registered for PMJAY.
  3. All RSBY beneficiaries have been allocated a reference code, for ease of record keeping. There is an option that allows people to search the data list with this code. This code is called the Unique Reference Number of URN.
  4. If any applicant has this code, then he/she will be able to opt for the “Search by BRBY URN” option.
  5. There is a particular box where applicants must type in the RSBY URN. Once this is done, candidates must click on the search option. If the date base contains the record, then it will be highlighted on the computer screen.

How to implement the scheme?


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